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 Student Dormitories in '' New Normal ''

Student Dormitories in '' New Normal ''

We have various questions in our minds from March until this time; ‘‘ When will I be able to go out easily? How will I be protected? Even if I am protected, will people around me pay attention as much as I do? "You know that the normalization process gradually started as of June 1st. This '' new normal '' unfortunately still includes 'we shouldn't go out unless necessary' and 'we shouldn't go around without a mask'. Since there is no immediate return to our old life, we named it the new normal, and this normal seems to be in our lives for at least another year.


So what are we university students going to do? What will the normalization period be like for us? First of all, there will definitely be a period of astonishment as we all return to our family and take lessons from home without ever leaving, this is inevitable. When we first mingle with society, we will be nervous and filter people with masked-unmasked distinctions. We will have to get used to this because we are step by step approaching from voluntary quarantine to state normalization. Therefore, the ball comes out of us and the adaptation process begins. We start our social life in a controlled way. With the opening of schools in September, we will definitely enter the new normal and learn to live with the virus. We will act as normal until the vaccine is found in this situation where the world is alien. Let's see if the world will be able to continue to approach this with constant caution. We'll see…


Along with some regulations of state bodies; As of June 15, Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories are opening their doors for new students who want to stay. We, as a dormitory, are a little more trained on this issue as we continue to serve our own students during the pandemic process and therefore we witnessed this process together with the students. Now, what kind of measures should the new dormitories normally take in crowded student groups?

  • It should be made available to students by putting disinfectants and cologne on dormitory entrances and floors.
  • Students should also pay attention to hand hygiene in order to prevent spread in environments that are not suitable for hand washing.
  • With the thermometer, students and employees should not be allowed in without checking.
  • The student should not take off his mask until he goes to his room. In this way, a mask will serve as protection against any threat that may enter through the mouth and nose.
  • Frequently used places such as door handles, elevators, lighting keys should be disinfected frequently with bleach.
  • Rooms should be ventilated for 5-10 minutes per hour.
  • Students should not walk around the dormitory in the clothes they wear outside.
  • The 1.5 meter rule should be followed in social areas and dining halls and disposable products should be used.
  • The number of people in gyms should be reduced and disinfected every day.

No matter how many precautions are taken, we know that the worst enemy of the virus is personal hygiene. As long as we wear a mask that does not touch our hands, mouth, nose and eyes, the transmission rate is very low. As long as we keep our distance of 1.5 meters in crowded environments, the virus has no chance against measures.

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As Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories, we have always attached importance to hygiene, we will have to take extra precautions all over the world. However, we know that this process will pass and our dormitories, which bring groups who love to be close together, will again host friendships without physical distance. Hope to meet you soon ...


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