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It is an indisputable truth to say "There is a woman behind every perfection" instead of "Every woman is perfect".

The feminic crowd of social media responded very well to the cliché "It is a flower".

The point we have to deal with; To be a woman.

The times of the girls who talked about their involvement in the private business with the dough of their hands have been closed long.

Supposedly we are not talking about their evilness. It was according to the conditions of that time, according to their beliefs, according to their lifestyle. However, it is not like that anymore and it should not be. With the witness of history, women have direct labor in many magnificent and pioneering works. But unfortunately, we humans (!) Have often been insulted and not fair. I deliberately said people because it is women who do the greatest bad thing to women. Where the sisterhood should win, again, woman's worst enemy is woman. If we take it from the ground up, our mothers. Even if a mother unknowingly says to her daughter "the daughter part does not do that", we can count it as evil. Of course not because mothers want evil here. But our mothers are working on women without realizing the situations such as directly applying the conditions of their time without trying to adapt them to the present, trying to isolate women, pushing them to always be in the background. In this way, insecure women, apathetic women, women who cannot speak up continue in the same way.

As the worst enemy of women is woman, her biggest friend is also woman. Struggle, unity, making a sound, trust is again realized when a woman takes a woman's hand. Purged women are riot. They put their backs on each other. With unity, it's easier to make a sound. Taking strength from the one next to you and standing up, higher, always higher. We will start by holding the hand of the person next to us first. We will start with our neighbor, our relative. We'll start with ourselves.

To all inequalities

To all the violence

All the emotional violence

You all want us to remain silent,

Despite all your impositions.

We are all equal.

Despite the men and women who push their insecurity to women, we will be whole. When we look in the mirror, we will see all the women. We will do for them what they cannot do. When the day comes, they will also speak for other women. Women will take over this period. Without fear, bravely. With the heart but with the most love. Without parsing. Humanly.


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