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Istanbul; It is actually a whole of the things we try to counter with their noise, turmoil, crowd.

It is a city that starts the day with the sounds of construction in the morning, where we cannot get back from the people we salute when we go out on the street, but after a while we try to catch up, we do not care much and do not feel sorry for this.

How do we become a part of the living city of Istanbul, where everyone wants to come and escape at the same time? How can we avoid these situations with the least damage?

1) Try to sleep early because of traffic.


Oh, are there those mornings? It burns our eyes from sleeplessness Despite the "5 more minutes" of the cozy bed, Zeki Demirkubuz's pain of making us watch the door motionless for five continuous minutes with the separation scene that repeats itself every morning with his sad and angry facial expression, unable to do anything.

2) Do not be surprised by the same strange smells in public transport.


Yes, you won't believe it, but every transportation line has a unique smell. For example, if you blindfold me and get on the subway, train, or bus, I can tell which one is which. Especially in the Maltepe metro, there is a rumor about the smell of small animals, what can we say now that it is used to you.

3) Caution! Danger of sticking to glass!


Get ready to be toast in the morning and evening hours after work. Yes, we understand that everybody wants to go to their home and work, but it is up to you to travel like kings / queens with a maximum of one hour apart, so as not to say why I hit the same hour. Our recommendation is to drink coffee with your friends for another hour if you come to work in the evening :)

4) Create opportunities to be alone in Istanbul.


The best activity is to go to the nearest beach, walk along and breathe the sea air. In places where we quietly make the famous "Istanbul you or me big" speech about whether we can go to the rocks or think about the issues we are thinking about, I hope we will be alone with ourselves.

5) Count the Princess Islands from the top right.


This point is very critical. Especially if you are on the Anatolian side, one of them will definitely say "which one was the KINALIADA". The Istanbulite is not like that, from time to time a very nice middle is opened to say that you can be like this and it is up to you to score that goal.

6) Get on the boat, open your arms and close your eyes.

When you feel the wind hitting your face and the sounds of seagull become a background rather than disturbing for you, Istanbul will be a part of you, not just ''Istanbul''. I am sorry to say that you are faced with a love that will never end.

Of course, there are dozens, maybe hundreds of "features from Istanbul" that we haven't mentioned.

Many of them are crowded and traffic related.

As a solution to most, but not all, we will recommend you close locations.

For example, if you live in Kadıköy while your school is in Beşiktaş, you need to be ready to endure more.

But if you live in Beşiktaş, if you are just an arrow shot away from your school, you will spend a lot of time in your life, many of you get rid of the above items.

I mean; If you are staying in a dormitory, choose the dormitory closest to your university,

If you live at home, it is useful to leave home and go to the nearest dormitory.


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