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Work and Travel or. Language school

Work and Travel or. Language school

As students, we all went through certain processes. First, we learned to go to kindergarten and be an individual in the society. Afterwards, we went to primary and secondary schools and got general information theoretically. Later, we went to high school and chose courses according to the department we wanted to study at the university and prepared for the university exam. One by one, the factors connecting us to the city where we were born and grew up decreased one by one after we passed to university. Our first departure was for Istanbul. After we came to Istanbul, we started dreaming about how to go abroad, asking for more. We all had different plans in mind, different dreams. We drew a lot of paths and finally we reduced it to two options.

Here are the last two popular options; "Work and Travel or Language School?"

As students, we finally decided that just being a tourist doesn't add anything to us anymore. We want and expect the places we go to contribute something to us. In this context, let's start making a plus-minus list together.

work and travel

Work and Travel means America. America is a dream for all of us on its own. They didn't say "Dream of Californication" for nothing. So how and why do we go to America? First of all, we deal with a travel agency. In fact, it can be done without intervening the agency and spending extra money, but we Turks love assurance, more precisely, someone who will blame it when there is a problem and fix it for us. We went to the agency and chose a job together. However, as we will pay a large amount of wages to the agency, we also attach great importance to the hourly rate of the works we will choose. This means that we will spend physical strength in our work. So, it won't contribute that much to our English. For example, suppose you are a life saver; The hourly fee is very good, but you don't have much of an alternative where you can communicate and improve your language. As an extra, "Dreams-Reality" situation may be in question as we choose the work remotely. In general, things are not quite as described. The most important thing is the problems caused by the fact that our colleagues in the place where we work are not native speakers of English. These problems are blended with the bad place to stay and grow. Don't they have good things, of course they do. To work in two jobs at the same time, to take a 2-week tour of America after buying American technology products at an affordable price. Okay, we work so hard for 2 months, but the tourism in the end is worth everything. I've passed everything, at least three months, we wake up in a different place. The plus side has already taken the lead.

dil okulu

Language school means education. The institution where people come together for the same purpose and the basis of which is learning. In general, there is the opportunity to stay in a dormitory and students continue their education by communicating with each other in the dormitory. Although it seems more expensive than Work and Travel, it can actually be called head-to-head because the fees are paid directly to the school and teachers instead of paying money to the agency. We also have the opportunity to work part-time while studying at the language school. Since we are students, it may make sense as we will be more profitable in terms of hourly wages. Since there are weekend holidays at language schools, we can make use of the money we earn on a part-time job with mini tours. Are there any downsides? Of course there are. Probably 3 months of Work and Travel will correspond to 1 month here and we will never be satisfied. You know, the time we spend abroad is also a very important criterion for us. Once we pass the extra money will be returning to Turkey. Of course, when we look at it, this detail is insignificant, but it becomes an important detail when we think of the other option, Work and Travel. There will be lessons as binding on us five days a week as in school life. Usually, the routine of language schools attended in the summer months can overwhelm us.

dil okulu

We know that more question marks came to life when we said that like that, that way. Take a deep breath and say what I want to do and make up your mind. Frankly, there is nothing to regret between these two options. I hope everyone will be in such dilemmas for life :)


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