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Studying University in Istanbul

Studying University in Istanbul



When you say exams, ranking, preference days, you came to the period you always dreamed of. You are now a university student and you are also studying in Istanbul. If you are going to study in this busy city, you will be a part of fast city life to keep up with life in a short time. When you talk about entertainment life, getting to know Istanbul, cultural activities and school, you will realize how fast time passes. One of the primary things you need to do to keep up with the metropolitan life is to choose the most suitable means of transportation to the dormitory or home you live in. The means of transportation you can use are bus, minibus, metro, metrobus, tram, marmaray and sea transportation. You can also take advantage of discounted student cards while using these tools. There are also many applications that you can download to your smartphone to find the most suitable transportation system for the regions you want to go to. (Of course, if you are staying in the dormitories of Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories for girls or boys, transportation is the second issue you will consider: D)

One of the most colorful parts of your student life in Istanbul will be your home or dormitory life. Generally, students who are newly settled in Istanbul prefer to stay in a dormitory in their first year. Friendships that you guess as short-term will turn into permanent friendships after a while. During your dorm life, your roommate, who you couldn't get warm at first, has turned into your best friend. Since house rents are quite high in Istanbul, you may find it difficult to find a rental house suitable for your budget. It gives you a greater advantage to choose the place where you will stay at home or at home from the central districts, where access to the center is easy and reliable. Especially if your accommodation is close to public transportation, it will be your biggest gain.

There are many ways to color your student life in Istanbul. In order to get rid of monotony, you can join the clubs of the university you are studying at, make new friendships and learn new hobbies. Thanks to the clubs you attend, you can add new ones to the skills you have, and these clubs allow you to increase your self-confidence as well as your active days. (If you are staying in a dormitory, of course a social dormitory is preferable.)


Istanbul, your new home; With its art and historical texture, it will allow you to discover new places and expand your horizons every day. Historical baths, madrasahs, palaces, mosques, churches and mansions that you should see and visit in your student life are waiting for you in our city fragrant with history.


When you decide to live university life in Istanbul, the opportunities you will have are countless. However, one of the most prominent opportunities among all these opportunities is job and internship opportunities. When you want to go into business, the most helpful thing is your experience. Living in this city, which is the heart of many sectors, will be a great support for you in your career.

“We can say that the students staying in Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories have a little more advantage in this regard. With the opportunities it offers to students, it supports their social and career-oriented self-development. Student Career provides direct benefits to students through collaborations with What's Suspended and University clubs. "


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