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 Staying at a dormitory or staying at home?

Staying at a dormitory or staying at home?

You have prepared for the university exam in a year, maybe more, took the exam, made a choice and now you have the right to settle in the university you want. Now it's time to leave your home, move to a new city and find a place to stay there. So where will you stay? Should you choose to stay at home or in a dormitory as a student? In our opinion, the answers to these questions are very important, especially in a city like Istanbul. The location of your accommodation is also important in this very crowded city and the distance between the campuses of the universities is far away. If you wish, let's compare these situations under subject headings.


First, if you decide to stay home, your first step is to visit a real estate agency and enjoy the house. As a result, you will most likely encounter the fee, deposit and 2 rents to be paid to the real estate agent while you have not moved to the house yet. Right after, you will have to deal with the items to be taken to your room and common areas for a while. Generally speaking, there will be bills you have to pay every month. We should not only touch on the material aspect of the work. At the same time, you have to carry out the order of the dishes, the order of cooking and similar responsibilities. Finding a roommate to carry these responsibilities is the most important part of the job.

Staying in the dormitory seems one step ahead in this regard. While staying in the dormitory, you will not have a problem such as paying bills. You will also no longer need to buy new items, the row of dishes and the cooking queue.

Being Close to the University

After enrolling in the university, staying close to university should be a situation that every student wants. However, while the price of houses close to the university can sometimes be quite expensive, this is not the case for dormitories. Generally, dormitories are located close to campuses or where transportation is easy. Being in your room shortly after leaving the class will eliminate a huge problem. You can find the closest Sabiha Hanım Dormitory to your university by choosing your university.

Finding Lecture Notes

Etüt Odası

It is extremely easy to find the gradually increasingly important lecture notes towards the exam weeks in the dormitory environment. You can eliminate this problem with the notes taken from the people who took the same course as you. In addition, you can get help from students who are in higher semesters about homework, access the questions asked in previous exams and work more efficiently. Finding this opportunity at home may be a bit more difficult.


Yurt Temizliği

It should not be too difficult to explain how hygienic student homes are, or rather not. As the home cleaning is provided by the students, sometimes troublesome situations may occur. Especially, separating yourself with your housemate can create a very negative situation for cleaning the house.

However, this is not the case in dormitories. Since the common areas and rooms in the dormitories are cleaned every day by the dormitory staff, both your room and the common areas you live in will remain very clean.

As Sabiha Hanım Dormitories, you can see the opportunities we provide to our students here.

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You may have 1 or 2 roommates with you while staying at home. You may have to throw yourself out of the house or into cafes to be in a crowded group. However, you can meet new people and expand your circle in common areas such as study rooms, television rooms, terrace or canteen in your dormitory.

In addition, you can find the opportunity to participate in the social facilities of your country. For example, as Sabiha Hanım Dormitories, we organized many events such as football tournament, cinema, theater, meeting on the Bosphorus.


Yurtta Yemek

Sometimes, food can become the biggest problem of students. It may not be very pleasant to have an empty fridge opened for breakfast and to see dishes like a mountain instead of a ready-made table when you come home very hungry in the evening. In the dormitory where you will be staying, by eating morning and evening meals, you will be doing a great favor to both your budget and your stomach. As Sabiha Hanım Dormitories, we meet the needs of our students for both morning and evening meals.

You can find the comments of the students we hosted at Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories here.

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