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 Sabiha Hanım Dormitories Maltepe Girls' Dormitory

Sabiha Hanım Dormitories Maltepe Girls' Dormitory

As Sabiha Hanım Maltepe Girls' Dormitory, which is the most popular dormitory of the Anatolian side of Istanbul, we open our doors to you, our esteemed students, to the end. We are at your service in the new academic year with the comfort of hotel quality, our rooms specially designed for our students, our proximity to universities, our experience and other advantages. You can view our dormitory, which is designed in line with students' requests, here.

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What are the Branch Features?

Sabiha Hanım Maltepe Girls Branch provides a comfortable and peaceful environment for our students as in all our other branches. Our dormitory has rooms for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 people. Our rooms have a bed base, personal desk, refrigerator, wardrobe, bookcase, personal dresser and toilet-bathroom. In addition to these, unlimited internet and air conditioning are also available. You can view room types here.

Apart from the rooms, the features of our dormitory include a gym, infirmary, masjid, dining hall, summer and winter gardens. You can also benefit from these opportunities at Sabiha Hanım Maltepe Girls Branch.

Our students can benefit from the free breakfast service from the dining hall in our dormitory.

Sabiha Hanım Maltepe Girls Branch is recorded by security camera for 24 hours. In addition, our students who stay in the dormitory can reach our authorities at any time and get support to solve any problems.

There are shuttle buses that belong to our country that make a ring to some universities. In this way, our students meet with great ease in terms of transportation to the school.

Our dormitory has not forgotten the exam weeks, which are the most difficult weeks of education, for our students. You can focus on your exams and homework with high concentration in our very large and spacious, quiet and specially designed study rooms with sea view. You can also benefit from the high speed internet in these rooms.

Our staff accompanying our students against any possible discomfort is available 24 hours a day in our dormitory. We have in-room cleaning service in common areas every day of the week, and once every 2 days.

There are 3 elevators, a spare water tank, a luggage room and a generator in our dormitory using natural gas system. For our valued guests, our dormitory provides washing and drying machines and ironing areas where you can wash and dry your laundry.

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Which Universities is Sabiha Hanım Maltepe Girls Branch Near?

Our dormitory is 25 minutes away from Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Besides, it is very close to many universities and public transportation. The distance to the metro is within walking distance and only 6 minutes. On the other hand, there is also a service vehicle belonging to our country.


As Sabiha Hanım Maltepe Girls Branch, the universities that are close to our country are as follows.

Maltepe University
Yeditepe University
Istanbul Civilization University
Gedik University
Üsküdar University Çarşı Campus
Üsküdar University Southern Campus
Üsküdar University Central Campus
Uskudar University
Dogus University
Bahcesehir University
Bahcesehir University Goztepe Campus
Marmara University
Marmara University Maltepe Campus
Marmara University Kartal Campus
Marmara University Haydarpaşa Campus
Marmara University Goztepe Campus
You can find the comments of the students we hosted at Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories here.

We invite you to our Sabiha Hanım Maltepe Girls Branch for peace, trust, comfort, lasting friendships, sincerity and easy transportation.

TEL: (0216) 427 2424

E-MAIL: [email protected]

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