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 Student House?

Student House?

Student house

We promise we will not bother you with the images.

Most of us know how to get confused with the visuals when we search for a student house.

However, the situation is not as common as it may seem. So it can be worse than it is exaggerated, but you may not find that exaggeration in every student house. Do not find anyway. We hope you don't find it more accurate.


We will describe the student house in a few articles.


  • Dust puddle

Dust deposits in less used areas are removed manually from time to time. This is what many students will do. The more meticulous ones clean it with a wet wipe, but usually the dust is removed by hand.


  • Trash or garbage bags

Usually there is a garbage can, as in every home. There is also a full garbage bag next to the garbage can. If it's not near the trash can, know that the trash bag is next to the door. But some student houses don't have a litter box. Because what is needed. Lots of bags are already bought to be rubbish. (Although the bags are paid, there are two different opinions at this point. It should be noted.) It is very likely that you will see black or Bim bags side by side in these student houses. If you went to one of those houses as a guest, pay attention that the garbage bag is well sealed and there is no water under it. Houses with cats are another matter of attention.


  • A refrigerator

If you are a guest at a student house, there are two things you should consider before opening the refrigerator. The first is the smell you may encounter when you open the door of the cabinet. You may encounter a wide variety of fragrances or odors. The second issue is that the closet may be empty and you can offend the landlord. These issues need to be considered when opening the refrigerator.


  • Stockings

There may not be a general situation as "socks". However, in the student house; If students have stockings as they should be, dirty ones may come across at the edges of doors and walls, especially in corners.


  • Blankets

This is a subject that needs to be studied deeply. Because the blankets are usually left over from the dowry of our mothers; There are various blankets throughout the house.

Student homes are generally homes with heating problems. This problem can have multiple causes. The combi-honeycomb can be caused by neglect, the sheathing of the house, the unhealthy window and the floor. When it comes to these situations, it is not always possible to technically solve the problem. That's why blankets are abundant.


  • Curtains

Generally, different patterns are preferred in each room. This different view is a necessity of being a student.

Cut it several times a year, it is washed 4-5 times according to the weight and frequency of the future guest.

The gas residue trapped in the curtain can be used as fuel in a serious manner.


  • Glasses

Students believe that rain clears windows. For this reason, the glasses may be cleaned once in 4 years. That too, if you stay in a house for 4 years.


  • Shoe cabinet

There is no shoe rack in the student house. It is stacked on top of the newspaper, if any, or next to the door.


  • Bookshelf

Each student house will have at least one library or its equivalent, whether it is a representation or a use out of purpose. However, as we said, the library is not always used for its purpose. For example, there are medicine, toilet paper, food, plate and various objects that we cannot understand.


  • Clothes cabinet

The wardrobe varies from person to person. If possible, do not open personal cabinets.

If you open it, the recovery is up to you.


  • Iron

It is museum. You can't go through lime.


  • Bathroom

We don't want to talk too much about the bathroom. 


  • Carpets

Like curtains, it happens in different colors and patterns in every room. Generally, it adds a different atmosphere to the house with the patterns formed afterwards.


  • Kettle

You know the pasta story. We don't want to exaggerate that much, but if there is no kettle in a student house, there can be big problems in that house.


  • Kitchen

We came to the most crucial point. We call it dots because when we look at the kitchen counter, we can see a huge black dot. Again, the situation is not the same in every student house, everyone should not have their rights. We cannot distinguish between girls and boys in the kitchen.

Contrary to popular belief, we have seen that some male student houses are more organized and tidy than female student houses.


Again, it is worth mentioning. These features we talk about are generally what we observe and hear. Of course, every student residence in Istanbul is under the same conditions, not every student is the same. * In addition, we couldn't find images that wouldn't really bother.


Again, we need to remind you that if you stay in Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories

You can live a healthier life from the Student Houses mentioned :)


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