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 Student Dormitory or Student House?

Student Dormitory or Student House?

After the university results are announced, one of the main problems in the students' minds is "where will they live". The "home or dormitory?" Dilemma is an ongoing problem even after schools are opened, even while school life continues.

This problem becomes even more vital in big cities where wages such as transportation and house rents are high.

This article includes the advantages and disadvantages of staying in the dormitory and at home, with titles such as expenses, conditions, the effect of the place of residence on academic success, and cleaning.

Rent - Food Expenses

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As it is known, state dormitories affiliated with KYK are a little more advantageous than private dormitories. Of course, university life does not end by waiting for the KYK turn. Private dormitories are between 900-2000 TL depending on the location of the dormitory and the opportunities it offers. Again, you can think of the meal at these prices plus 200-300 ₺.

Sure, "What will I cook in the dormitory? You do not have to worry about questions such as "What will I shop for?" 4 kinds of home-cooked meals are in front of you. At least, we can say that for Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories.

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The city where you attend the university affects the rental prices significantly. While rents are quite high in cities such as Istanbul and Izmir, rents may be appropriate in other cities. Even if you cannot find an affordable house in the city where you live, you can keep your food costs low in bulk purchases such as weekly market shopping.


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Depending on the dormitory you are staying in, many dormitories may have problems such as not having a private space. Especially in KYK dormitories, you may experience problems such as not being alone due to the crowded rooms. However, this is a less common problem in private dormitories. Of course, we may not have a private space like our home.

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Depending on the number of people you go home with in student homes, common areas and special areas may change. Most people have their own rooms. But still, be careful not to go home as a crowd. This job also has a common area.

Return time

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One of the most complaints of students staying in the dormitory is the return time. Regardless of how centrally located, each residence has an average last entry time. The last entry time of most student halls is between 23:00 and 01:00. Often students suffer from this, but it is a very necessary precaution for security. Of course, the last entry time determined does not mean that you cannot enter the dormitory after that time. But we know that the necessary warnings are made.

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Having no trouble returning home offers you a more comfortable life, but on the basis of security, it is more in the background than dormitories.

Working conditions

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In terms of working conditions, there are two different views. While some students say that their lives are more organized and study rooms are very convenient for studying, some students say that they distract the crowd in the dormitory and that they cannot find a suitable environment to study during the exam period. If we think about this issue from the perspective of Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories, both views are provided. It can work in the crowd, in a competitive environment, in study halls, alone in its room or on a quiet side of the dormitory.

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There are some differences of opinion about studying at home, as in the dormitory. While some students claim that the excessive freedom given by the house demotivates them and housework takes a lot of time; Another group of students said that the peace and quiet the house provided encouraged them to study.


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There are cleaning staff in the student dormitories. However, this service is not sufficient in every dormitory. Since it is a collective environment, the behaviors and habits of the people living are also factors that affect cleaning. This situation is different in Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories. With daily and every other day cleaning, there is not much pollution of behavior and habits.

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The cleaning of the student house depends on the people living in the house. Our word is out of parliament, when you say student house, they stop. Student House about that. You can read our article.


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