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 leave the5  thoughts behind

leave the5 thoughts behind

As humans, we question our lives from time to time. We usually make this showdown in the emotions we experience at the extremes; when we are very happy and very unhappy. In fact, being in quarantine can be one of the triggers. While we are in these emotions, we need to take steps to move forward in life. As we take steps, we feel heaviness in our body and feet; These are thoughts that prevent us from wanting to move forward. What we need to do is to leave those thoughts behind and refresh our belief in ourselves. Because all the answers are hidden within ourselves.

So, what 5 thoughts should we leave behind?


1) overthinking

The thoughts in our head leave themselves in a loop after a while. In our daily life, our responses to instant situations and events are interrupted by this cycle. Feedback slows down and inefficiency occurs. As a result of excessive thinking, motivation decreases, the body becomes sluggish under the question of "which one will I do first". It acts much less than its own potential. This increases overthinking and can lead to feeling inadequate and depression. It is useful to stop thinking excessively and start living the moment.


2) fear of change

People do not like to change, to break from its ongoing order. Habitual order always feels sweeter. He avoids even thinking about changes that will be good for him. Fear always outweighs; The thought of "what if worse?" Always wins. But there is a saying, you know? ‘‘ You obviously don't want to turn your life upside down. How do you know that your life will be better than gold? "Said Şems-i Tebrizi. We have to give ourselves a chance to change, be sure that there is nothing our inner self cannot do.


3) living in the past

All the activities we do during the day, from morning to evening, belong to that day. It harms people to interpret every work done by living in the past with doubt and anxiety. It lowers the quality of life and absorbs our energy. Man's regret for himself increases and he begins to miss the old self. Leaving the past behind; yes it is difficult, but there is a threshold, or when you cross that threshold, everything feels like a sock rip. The days start to give pleasure and the individual's self-confidence begins to regain. The past is in the past; today we have to act with the motto.


4) Trying to please everyone

People's desires, feelings and thoughts differ greatly. People who want to fulfill everyone's wishes forget themselves and begin to prioritize the other. A person should never say "not me, you". If the person himself is good, the people around him are happier. Especially now we understand this better, I guess. We were alone with ourselves, nobody. We are the only person who will not leave us even if everyone goes. For the person or people who will not be in our lives one day, we should think of ourselves that we will be together for years and remember ourselves at the expense of pleasing those around us.


5) Negative self-talk

Our internal showdown with ourselves, where the subject brings up the subject, often ends in a sad way. Incriminating sentences, wishes, sighs, woes are things we like to use the most. These thoughts usually occur in bed close to our sleep. It starts with "Why didn't I say this in the face of this incident in 2012?" With the feature pandemic declared, these negative self-talk will increase as you spend more time in bed. Let's bring the spring to ourselves this year. To us

In fact, these 5 thoughts have become a part of our daily lives and maybe they didn't affect us that much. However, as it has affected the whole world, the coronavirus has affected us as well. It may seem like what we want to leave behind during this period wants to live more with us. In fact, this may be an opportunity to listen to ourselves, rest and get rid of these thoughts. Because our priorities have changed and we are now aware of this. We started to act accordingly. Let's see what will change when we say it out loud to ourselves.


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