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 Istanbul Is A University In Itself

Istanbul Is A University In Itself

"All great stories begin in two ways: Either a person goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town."

You can study in many cities in our country, gain experience and have a diploma. However, Istanbul is a little different from these cities. A city that gives you a different experience with its homogeneous human structure and completely different events that you can witness every day. That's why there are some things to consider when you leave your family's warm home and come to study alone:

1. The Two People You Meet in Dormitory 

Just as the first person you meet when you go on a journey has an effect that can change the course of the journey, the first person you meet at the dormitory will have a great impact on the shaping of your university and dormitory life. We mentioned that Istanbul is a university in itself. The people you will meet here will also teach you many things; It will make a great contribution to your personal, emotional and social development.

So, choose to spend time with people who meet your purpose in life on common ground.

2. University Clubs

Each university has more than one club. You can become a member of clubs other than your own faculty or join the clubs of your own faculty or department. In this way, you can make friends from the school environment, and you can take yourself one step further and climb the steps faster to reach your dreams.

In addition, each of these clubs is managed in its own way. In these clubs that will allow you to adapt to professional life faster when you enter your business life, you can gain experience in areas such as events, organizations, trips, management, etc., and you can learn about both time, people and career management. Make sure to tackle these steps at an early age will save you a lot!


While you are trying to improve yourself and hold on to life, you should take care of yourself in the field of health and not disrupt your sports. In addition to health, it is a fact that sports increase motivation and mental endurance. We have thought about this for you, and as Sabiha Hanım Dormitories, we offer students the right to use the contracted gym for free once a month through the Sports & Merits platform. If the student wants to subscribe monthly, we, as Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories, cover 30% of the fee.

4. Gaining Experience

We have said before that you should be involved in clubs while studying at university. In addition to clubs, your internships will also offer you an unforgettable work experience. In your internships, you will have the opportunity to observe the business environment, as well as experience the most suitable department for you and build a career in the field you want, so you can take the most important step for the future.

5.Personal Area and Hobbies

Personal development is not limited to careers. Sometimes you may want to read a book in your comfort zone, take time for yourself or attend theater, cinema, art, etc. events with your friends. At this point, we cover the tickets for the events we organize monthly, and we cover 50% of the fee for the art courses you will buy from Pera Art Schools.

6. Language Education

If you have done everything after graduating from university and disrupt your language education, it will return to you negatively. It is as important as studying at a university to determine routes abroad, make researches from foreign sources, and be sure to get to know different cultures to discover new places.

May success be with you, luckily you are!


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