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 Popular Professions of 2020

Popular Professions of 2020

As the generation born in the 90s and early 2000s, we would imagine cars flying in our minds and space shuttles launched continuously when we think of 2020. We would get excited when we saw it even in the cartoons we watched. We were almost certain of the journey between Earth and Mars. Come and see that we are still working in the lecture halls of Istanbul University Faculty of Economics for visa-final. These dreams are now left to the next generation. We hope they can live the life of the Jetsons cartoons we watched. Let's examine together what are the favorite professions in 2020.


1) Solar Energy Technician

güneş enerjisi

Solar energy devices, which we saw on the roofs of summer houses when we were young, take their place as a profession today. In this period when the return to renewable energy sources begins, the Solar Energy Technician profession becomes a favorite profession. Professions with a future are now shifting from departments at universities to different branches. Everyone is an engineer, doctor and economist. The world needs more innovative professions.


2) Wind Energy Technician

rüzgar enerjisi

You remember; Enormous wind roses decorate our view as we move from the Marmara region towards the Aegean region. The harmonious return of wind roses generating energy provides us with resources without being dependent on non-renewable energy sources. Rather than the limited and non-renewable energy resources of our country such as oil and natural gas; Wind Energy Technician, which is a renewable energy source, is one of the favorite professions of 2020 in our country where there is plenty of wind.


3) Software Developer


You have an idea and you can't digitize it. Yes, our general problem, our lack of knowledge in software, makes us dependent on other people. In 2020, this need has taken its place in the sector. Software creation or existing software development professions are now in the employee search center of all companies. You can easily find yourself in this profession by taking software training even while studying any department. 


4) Physical Therapist


The industry will never end as health is a constant need. With the development of technology, the quality of the devices increases, so there will be innovations in the professional branches. Physiotherapists working to alleviate pain, facilitate movements and increase body health and well-being; It is among the indispensable professions of 2020.


5) Digital Content Specialist

dijital içerik

When we do research on a brand, our first step is online research. Digital marketing, one of the most effective marketing methods today, has taken its place in the market as an industry with effective strategies. Digital Content Specialization, which works to increase brand awareness, is one of the enjoyable professions that students studying at relevant university departments can choose as a profession.


6) Urban Agriculture Specialist

kentsel tarım

Urban agriculture, which aims to increase domestic production, preserve the variety of fresh products in season and work towards consuming them; One of the favorite professions of 2020. Urban agriculture, which can be done in places such as empty lands in cities, apartment gardens, office garden areas; they are becoming places to cultivate the future. It can also be seen as a hobby of white-collar workers with the rationale, self-catering, when the food industry is so contributed.


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