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Welcome to our article that we have prepared to assist you in your search for girls' dormitories in Istanbul! You have prepared for the exam day and night for years and now you are happy to be rewarded for your labor. First of all, we congratulate you and we will tell you what facilities Istanbul girls 'dormitories and Istanbul private girls' dormitories await you. In this article, you will find all the answers to questions such as what you should pay attention to when choosing the dormitory where you will experience the best moments of university life, what services Istanbul private dormitories offer to female students, and which districts of Istanbul are the girls' dormitories located in this article. Before talking about Istanbul girls' dormitories, let's talk about your feelings and excitement. If you haven't been to Istanbul before, you may be a little scared or magnifying Istanbul in your eyes. You will stand on your feet alone in a city with a population of 15 million.It is normal to sound scary to you, we understand you very well. But you should know very well that Istanbul is not a messy city as described. Unlike; It is far superior to other provinces with its social facilities, cultural activities, transportation infrastructure and job opportunities. You have to give yourself time to get used to this city. Not much, after a month, you will agree with these words. The authorities in the dormitory where you are staying, your school and dormitory friends will also help you during this adjustment process. Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories, which have a long history among Istanbul girls' dormitories, serve with 4 branches in Fatih, Maltepe and Üsküdar districts. Our dormitories, which are close to many campuses and public transportation, offer our female students a family-friendly environment. For detailed information about our dormitories, please click this link and fill out the form. What Should You Do First When Searching for Girls' Dormitories in Istanbul?When you come to Istanbul for registration, you must first provide your Istanbul Card. You can get your Istanbul Card from the subway toll booths at the bus station or from the airport shuttle service. Then you exchange your student certificate and card. As your balance runs out, you can refill from the toll booths or vending machines. We use this card in public transportation vehicles such as subway, bus, metrobus, airport shuttles. Transportation in Istanbul is very regular. In the first days you may be confused, but by asking the people around you, you can easily reach anywhere you want to go. Especially the metro network is very wide and you can go almost everywhere in Istanbul by metro. Thanks to the metro and metrobus, you will not encounter Istanbul's famous traffic. Now, if we have dealt with the Istanbul Card, let's talk about which criteria you should look for in the selection of dormitories for girls in Istanbul. Which Criteria Should Istanbul Dormitories for Female Students Meet? Istanbul dormitories for female students should host you in a peaceful and comfortable environment throughout your studies. There are some criteria for you to feel this peace and comfort. Let's examine together what should be the criteria of Istanbul girls' dormitory to focus on your lessons and enjoy your student years; Distance to School, 7/24 Security, Uninterrupted Hot Water, Uninterrupted Internet Connection, Study Hall, Breakfast and Dinner, Family Warmth, Regular Cleaning, Laundry Service, Hygiene of Common Use Areas, Social Activities.In a big city like Istanbul, the first criterion you should look for is that your dormitory is close to the school. Of course, we do not mean walking distance by proximity. You should choose a dormitory where you can reach the school in a short time by metro, bus or minibus. Since the number of dormitories for girls in Istanbul is quite high, we do not think that they will have any problems in this regard. There are certainly more than one dormitory close to each school. When choosing Istanbul dormitories for girls, make sure that the dormitory's hot water and internet service is available 24 hours a day. This detail may seem trivial to you, but once you start staying in the dormitory, you will realize how important it is. If you're working on an important project or homework, you'll need the internet, albeit late at night. Hot water is the same. There may be dormitories with hot water at certain times. When choosing the dormitory where you will stay, you should definitely discuss these criteria with the dormitory authorities and get detailed information. The importance of the study hall will be more understandable for you during the visa and final periods.If you are not staying in a single room, your sleep, rest and working hours will not be the same with your roommates. With your exam the next day, maybe you will have to study until morning, but your roommates will be sleeping too. The existence of study halls both prevents you from experiencing these problems and enables you to work more efficiently. Istanbul private dormitories should be aware of this challenge for female students, they definitely have a study hall within their structure. Istanbul Girls' Dormitories Must Give You Confidence! Another important criterion in choosing Istanbul dormitories for girls is security! You should make sure that the dormitory where you will be staying is recording with a 24/7 security camera and that there are security guards. At the same time, other employees should make you feel the confidence you feel at home. Remember, your homeland is now your home. Consider this criterion in your search for girls' dormitories in Istanbul. For private girls' dormitories in Istanbul, Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories serve in 4 different branches for female students. Our dormitories are recorded with security cameras 24/7. We ensure the safety of our students with our experienced and trained security guards in the field of security. You can go to this link and fill out the contact form to get information and price about our Sabiha Hanım Dormitories. Is Meal Free in Istanbul Girls' Dormitories? You should add whether the dormitory offers breakfast and dinner to the Istanbul private girls' dormitories criteria. The biggest longing of university students is home cooking. The craving for home cooking does not manifest itself in the first months, but the more time you spend away from home, the better you understand. Moreover, constantly eating unhealthy meals outside will affect their health after a while.We recommend that you consider this when choosing Istanbul private dormitories for girls. Istanbul girls' dormitories Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories offer free breakfast and optional dinner. What are the prices of Istanbul Private Girls Dormitories? The prices of private girls' dormitories in Istanbul vary according to the district where the dormitory is located and the quality of service it provides. In addition, Istanbul girls' dormitories offer the opportunity to stay in single rooms. You can stay in rooms for up to 6 people. The price increases or decreases according to how many people are staying in the room you are staying in. If you have a sleep problem, you should definitely choose a single room, but staying in the same room with more than one person is the most fun part of the dormitory. Night talks with girls are fun and you don't even know when it's morning. In Which Districts Are The Girls' Dormitories Located in Istanbul? There are 59 universities in Istanbul, including 13 state universities and 46 foundation universities. Girls' dormitories are located in almost every district of Istanbul. For this reason, you will definitely find a suitable dormitory for yourself. Girls' dormitories are found in many districts in Istanbul, especially in Fatih, Maltepe, Üsküdar, Avcılar, and Kadıköy. Istanbul girls' dormitories, Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories are mostly within walking distance of the campuses or very close to many public transportation stops. What Social Opportunities Does Istanbul Private Dormitories Offer for Female Students? Istanbul private dormitories offer different activities to ensure the comfort and happiness of female students. These activities can be extended from barbecue parties to New Year's Eve entertainment, from museum trips to pilates lessons, from theater days to Bosphorus tour. You should definitely participate in these activities so that you do not feel unfamiliar and lonely in your new city. Private dormitories in Istanbul also contribute to the foreign language education of female students.You can attend the foreign language lessons your dormitory offers you. It will help you both learn a new language and your lessons. Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories, which is one of the important dormitories among Istanbul girls' dormitories, provides service with 4 different branches. Our dormitories in Fatih, Maltepe and Üsküdar districts are close to many campuses and public transportation vehicles. Please click this link and fill out the form to get information about the prices and facilities we provide for our dormitories. When we come to the end of our article, we think that you have an idea about Istanbul girls' dormitories. We wish you a successful education life for the next 4 years and make friendships that will last a lifetime in the dormitory you have chosen. If we contributed to the selection of girls' dormitories in Istanbul, how happy we are!

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