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 Fatih Kıztaşı Female Branch

Istanbul Fatih Kıztaşı Female Dormitory

We aim to create a warm family atmosphere for you with our genial and experienced staff at Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories, where the first step of permanent friendships is taken.

Located in Fatih, Istanbul, Kıztaşı Female Branch is located on Horhor Street, which is easily accessible. Our Branch, which is a dormitory close to Istanbul University, is 1 minute from Aksaray metro stop and 5 minutes from Aksaray tram stop.

In our branch, which is subject to the controls of the Ministry of National Education, we are particularly sensitive to security, cleanliness and communication. We support our students in education, social, cultural, sports and career fields. The basis of the services we provide to our students is that they are safe and comfortable in their daily and student life.


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Fatih Kıztaşı Female Branch Features


Building Properties

  • Breakfast

Our Rooms

Bed, cabinet, desk, room phone, television, refrigerator, room safe, shoe cabinet, air conditioning, bathroom (in-room)

Building Features

  • 1,2,3,4,6 Person Rooms
  • Garden
  • Terrace
  • Laundry and Ironing Room
  • Earthquake / Strength Report
  • Rest and TV Room
  • Study Room
  • Heating (Central)
  • Kitchen
  • Luggage Room
  • Fire escape
  • Fire Warning System
  • 24/7 Camera System
  • Dining Hall
  • Generator
  • Water tank
  • Bath
  • Gym
  • Lobby
  • Infirmary
  • Mosque

Our services

  • Breakfast
  • Dinner (optional)
  • Drinking water
  • Room and Common area cleaning
  • 7/24 Administrative Staff
  • Internet
  • Spraying


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Fatih Dormitory for Girls

Standing out with its unique services among Istanbul girls 'dormitories, Sabiha Hanım Fatih Girls' Dormitory is waiting for its students for new season registrations. While waiting for the results of the preference, we guess that he started to search for the dormitory where you will stay in Istanbul. If you have any questions about Fatih Girls' Dormitory, we recommend you to read our article carefully. Sabiha Hanım Fatih Girls' Dormitory is the Kıztaşı branch of Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories, which has 10 branches. Since Istanbul Fatih is the closest dormitory to Istanbul University in the girls' dormitory category, it is also preferred by the students studying at this school. In addition, Sabiha Hanım Fatih girls dorm is 5 minutes away from Aksaray metro and tram stops. Sabiha Hanım Fatih Kıztaşı dormitory both facilitates the life of university students and gives them confidence as it is in a central and decent neighborhood. Fatih Girls Dormitory is Close to Which Universities? Traffic is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about Istanbul. If you want to spend your university life in Istanbul comfortably, you should choose the places that are close to your dormitory school. Since Sabiha Hanım Fatih Girls' Dormitory is close to many universities and campuses, it does not cause any difficulties for students in transportation. You can see the distances between Sabiha Hanım Fatih Girls Dormitory and universities from the list below. Universities Accessible on Foot Campus 3 minutes Istanbul Arel University Cevizlibağ Campus 10 minutes Universities that can be reached by bus Kadir Has Universities Accessible by Metro Yıldız Technical University Davutpaşa Campus 25 min Nişantaşı University Osmanbey Campus 25 min Fatih Private Dormitory for Girls What are the Room Facilities? Sabiha Hanım Fatih Private Dormitory for Girls hosts you in the comfort of your home. In addition to the single rooms preferred by other students, you can also stay in rooms for 2, 3, 4 and 6 people. Staying in the same room with more than one person will help you get used to the dormitory and build new friendships.Unlike other dormitories, Sabiha Hanım Fatih Private Dormitory for Girls offers bathrooms and toilets in the room. Knowing the number of people you will use the bathroom and toilet will also give you confidence in hygiene. Sabiha Hanım Fatih Private Girls' Dormitory, which offers a bed, wardrobe, desk, television, refrigerator, room safe, shoe cabinet and air conditioning, thinks everything for you. The heat of the rooms is provided by a central system. In addition, having air conditioning is a great advantage in Istanbul because the weather is very hot as soon as the summer season starts. You should also know that all the furniture in the rooms of Sabiha Hanım Fatih Private Girls' Dormitory are of the best quality. For more detailed information about Sabiha Hanım Fatih Girls' Dormitory, you can call (0212) 945 98 78 and discuss room rates and payment terms. Fatih Kıztaşı Dormitory Cleaning Services Sabiha Hanım Fatih Kıztaşı is also very sensitive for the cleaning of the dormitory. Common areas are cleaned by the staff every day. You are responsible for the layout of the room you are staying in, but housekeeping service is provided at least two days a week. Within the scope of the importance of corona virus, common areas are regularly disinfected with disinfectant devices and a safe environment is provided to students. Of course, you should pay attention to your personal hygiene, but be comfortable with the hygiene of the general areas. Sabiha Hanım Fatih Kıztaşı dormitory services consider the highest benefit of students in terms of health.What are the common areas of Fatih Dormitory for Girls? Sabiha Hanım Fatih Girls Dormitory offers the lobby and garden for your use so that you can also host your guests. You can spend time with your family or friends in these areas and treat them. One of the common areas of Fatih Dormitory for Girls is the Turkish bath! Yes, you didn't hear it wrong. There is a Turkish bath in the dormitory for students' use. We can say that no other dormitory has a bathhouse where you can relieve the stress of the day and have a good time with your friends. At the same time, Sabiha Hanım Fatih Girls Dormitory offers its students a gym with treadmills, elliptical bicycles and many other sports equipment. If you are mindful of your health and weight, you can use the gym on the days you want. Studying in the dormitory has always been a problem for some students. Sabiha Hanım Fatih Girls' Dormitory allows you to study in a large and bright study hall. You can study in a quiet environment without disturbing your roommates or being affected by them. A terrace that you can use in good weather and a masjid where you will worship are also offered by Sabiha Hanım Fatih Girls Dormitory.For more information about Sabiha Hanım Fatih Girls Dormitory services, you can click here and fill out the form or call (0212) 945 98 78 and talk to the dormitory authorities. Fatih Girls Dormitory Is There Breakfast and Food? You should be very careful about your diet in university and dormitory life. We recommend that you choose healthy meals and avoid fast food such as fast food. Otherwise, you will gain weight very quickly and unhealthy foods will decrease your energy. You may experience problems such as not being able to wake up in the morning or adapt to lessons. The most important meal of the day, breakfast and dinner are prepared in the dining hall of Sabiha Hanım Fatih Girls Dormitory. Open buffet breakfast and optional dinner service is available every day of the week. We think that Sabiha Hanım Fatih Girls' Dormitory, which offers all kinds of comfort and service for students, will be evaluated in the options of Istanbul girls dormitories. Continuing your university life in a family-friendly environment will reflect positively on other areas of your life. Dormitory officials, who do their best to make you happy and peaceful, will always be by your side with the kindness of a mother, both on her good day and on her hard day. The Dormitory is monitored 24/7 with a camera system, except for private areas. Expert and experienced security guards also protect the dormitory building.At the same time, the fire alarm system and the fire escape are located in the building of Sabiha Hanım Fatih Girls' Dormitory. Sabiha Hanım, who also has an earthquake strength report, thinks about every detail for your safety. You can also view it with a virtual tour. Room quotas are running out very quickly. Therefore, if you want to register early, you can click here and fill in the form. Istanbul girls' dormitories, Fatih girls' dormitories, Sabiha Hanım Girls' Dormitories Kıztaşı Branch, Istanbul University are nearby dormitories. Istanbul University Beyazıt campus is a very old historical campus located in Fatih, Istanbul. Among our dormitories close to Istanbul Beyazıt Campus, our Kıztaşı girls' dormitory is within walking distance.




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