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Female Dormitories in Istanbul

Female Dormitories in Istanbul

Adapting to the Girls 'Dormitory - Istanbul Fatih Girls' Dormitory

Sabiha Hanım Fatih Kıztaşı Girls 'Dormitory, which you met while getting information about Fatih Girls' Dormitory, is located on Horhor Street in Fatih. Sabiha Hanım Istanbul Fatih Girls Dormitory, which is preferred by university students due to its central location, is 1 minute away from Aksaray metro stop. It is a 5-minute walk from Aksaray tram stop.

If you do not know which districts of the girls 'dormitory are located in Fatih district, you can examine Sabiha Hanım Fatih Kıztaşı Girls' Dormitory with a virtual tour. If you wish, you can check the location in the maps section.

You may be worried about leaving your home and living in a sorority with strangers. Questions like what kind of person my roommate will be in the dormitory, will I be able to get along, what will happen if we don't get along with my roommate, keep coming back. Everyone who starts living in a sorority lives with these concerns, so we understand you very well. Let's talk with you about the beautiful aspects of dormitory life and the values ​​it will add to your life, so we want you to feel a little more comfortable.

It takes a process to adapt to dormitory life and some small details will help you adapt faster. First of all, you shouldn't let your anxiety undermine your university excitement. A brand new era begins in your life and you will make friends with many different people in the student dormitory. This is a very beautiful thing!

What Should You Do to Adapt to Dormitory Life?

  • Get to know your roommate

Your first friend in the dormitory will likely be your roommate. Maybe you will get along very well, or maybe you will remain just a roommate because you are not very compatible. It doesn't matter. The important thing is to maintain a common life with respect and love. For this reason, you should not expect that your roommates will be your best friends. This may disappoint you.

Sabiha Hanım Fatih Kıztaşı Girls' Dormitory is one of the dormitories offering the highest quality service in Fatih student dormitory options. Sabiha Hanım Istanbul Fatih Girls Dormitory, who does her best to help students adapt to dormitory life, also helps you with your roommates. Fatih student dormitory enables students who are in the same department or the same faculty to become roommates.

You can register early for Sabiha Hanım Fatih Kıztaşı Student Dormitory. To apply for early registration, you must click here and fill the form. You can also contact Sabiha Hanım Fatih Kıztaşı Student Dormitory on 0 212 945 98 78 to get information about room prices and payment terms.

When you first come to the dormitory with your roommate, ask each other questions to get to know each other better. For example;

  • Where are you from? What was the city you live like?
  • Which section will you read? Was it the part you wanted?
  • What does your family do?
  • What are your favorite books / movies / music?
  • How was your exam process? Are you excited for college?
  • When is your birthday?

These questions you ask to get to know each other will start a conversation and you will be sure to continue talking for hours.

During the first weeks, you should give yourself and your roommate time to get used to each other. Everyone's habits don't have to be the same. But if you come across a situation that bothers you, you should express it appropriately. Likewise, if your roommate tells you something about an issue that he is uncomfortable with, you should not be sympathetic and sensitive.

Sabiha Hanım Fatih Girls' Dormitory will assist you in your search for Fatih student dormitory. Sabiha Hanım Fatih Student Dormitory; With room options for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 people, a garden and terrace open to common use, it increases the living standards of female students. It offers different environments where you can have a pleasant time with your roommates without being locked in the room.

To find out if you are curious about Sabiha Hanım Fatih Kıztaşı Student Dormitory services, you can click here and fill out the application form. You can also talk to the dormitory authorities on 0 212 945 98 78.

When you are clear to each other and maintain respect, it is not possible to get along with your roommate. Slowly set certain rules for yourself as you get used to it. These rules should be rules that take care of the benefit of both of you in your common living space. We can make a list like this:

  1. One or two days a week should be reserved for room cleaning
  2. Time limit should be set for guests coming to the room
  3. Common areas should be left clean and tidy (desk, bookcase, bathroom)
  4. Shoes should not be left in the middle
  5. Your sleep hours should match each other
  6. Your course hours should be compatible, if not possible, a study room should be used
  7. These and similar rules will allow you to live in harmony with each other and maintain a smooth roommate.

Located on the European Side of Istanbul, Sabiha Hanım Fatih Girls' Dormitory offers regular cleaning services for the health of you and your friends. Sabiha Hanım Fatih Girls' Dormitory, where common areas are cleaned in detail every day, also cleans your rooms on certain days of the week.

Even though you take steps on every subject we have mentioned, there is disagreement and you are not happy to be in the same room together; You should share this problem with the dormitory staff and look for other solutions. Sabiha Hanım Fatih Girls' Dormitory, which has experienced and understanding administrative staff in this regard, will do its best to compromise your problems with your friends.

  • Make time for your dorm friends

Unfortunately, some newly arrived students cannot suppress their longing for their family and relatives. You will also witness this situation. You will have friends who are constantly talking, texting, searching images on the phone with family or old friends. You will also meet those who buy their ticket and go home every weekend. Please don't fall into this mistake. If you keep communicating with your family and old friends, you will not be able to make new friends and adapt to the environment.

Providing a family-like atmosphere for female students, Sabiha Hanım Istanbul Fatih Girls' Dormitory also supports the adaptation process of students to the dormitory. Sabiha Hanım Fatih Dormitory for Girls; It helps you to socialize and make new friends with activities such as theater days, picnics, Bosphorus tours, museum visits.

For more information about Sabiha Hanım Fatih Kıztaşı Student Dormitory, you can click here and fill out the application form.

  • Try to be tolerant

Living in a dormitory will bring a brand new vision to your life. From every city in Turkey even see a completely different culture also met with many people from abroad be able to. You will live in the same place with people who have not been in the same environment or even thought to be in the same environment until this age. Therefore, do not judge anyone by their external appearance or a single act. Put aside your prejudices and be tolerant of others. The time you spend in the dormitory will also give you these features.

Sabiha Hanım Fatih Girls Dormitory, which stands out with its services in Istanbul Fatih female dormitory options, welcomes all female students from different provinces. Apart from the environment they offer in family warmth, they also contribute to the education of female students.

Sabiha Hanım Fatih Kıztaşı Girls' Dormitory also helps female students to receive foreign language and art education with the educational institutions it has contracted with.

  • Spend time in public areas

If you think you are not sociable or outgoing, you will file these aspects while staying at the dormitory. Nobody stays alone in the dormitory. If you are staying in a single room or you do not have common aspects to chat with your roommate, you can spend time in the common areas of the dormitory. Common areas such as resting rooms, study room, TV room, dining hall allow you to socialize and make new friends.

Sabiha Hanım Fatih Kıztaşı Student Dormitory stands out with its common areas that do not exist in other student dormitories. Sabiha Hanım Fatih Kıztaşı Girls' Dormitory offers Turkish bath, gym, TV room, recreation room to her students. It is also possible to host your guests in the lobby and dormitory garden.

Dormitory life is very enjoyable. Especially, staying in the girls' dormitory is much more enjoyable. Focus on it and don't think negatively. We wish the friendships you establish with your new friends to last a lifetime.

We strongly recommend you to add Sabiha Hanım Fatih Kıztaşı Girls' Dormitory to Fatih student dormitory options and visit the dormitory. If you are searching on the internet for where the girls 'dormitory is located in Fatih district, you can examine the dormitory closely with a virtual tour on the website of Sabiha Hanım Fatih Kıztaşı Girls' Dormitory.


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