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School, Department and City Preference for the University

School, Department and City Preference for the University

Throughout our student life, especially in high school; ideal school, ideal city and ideal department have confused us. We work and we sweat for our ideals. However, the result may not always be what we want. Five hundred thousand of the candidates who take the exam as a result of the university exams held every year, unfortunately, are not satisfied with their department. Unfortunately, making choices after the exam is at least as difficult and stressful as the exam. Therefore, when the preference period comes, you need to prepare for yourself. This pre-preparation includes a conscious choice of school, department and city. These three categories should be considered as follows.


Some of us are aware of what they want to do throughout their lives from childhood. He just thinks about it and strives for it. However, not everyone is so lucky. Due to family pressure and environmental factors, he stayed away from his desired profession. "Let it be easy to find a job, get a prestigious profession" etc. they are confused with sentences and young people are directed to professions that they do not want, cannot be happy and will regret in the future. The most important thing to know before choosing a department is your own wishes and abilities. Do not forget that your life is in your hands. It is entirely up to you to be successful in your profession. For this reason, it should be a priority for you to be determined in the department you choose, to know whether you are interested in this section and to be aware of whether your abilities and personal characteristics match the section you will read.


Another issue that should be considered after the final decision is made in the choice of department should be the school. Schools that are developed in the department you will be studying, have sufficient education staff and that can help you to have sufficient equipment when you acquire the profession should be your priority. With such criteria, your preference period passes a little more comfortable and you are less likely to regret your future choices.


When we reach the final stage, another important criterion for you is city preference. You know that not every city is suitable for the profession you want to acquire. For this reason, being close to the sector is an important detail when choosing a city. The closer you are to the sector, the faster you will jump into life. Also, asking yourself questions such as "Is the city you are going to study for you, can you get used to living here?" Are simple questions that will save lives. Of course, we differ Istanbul from simple questions asked in a career sense. Studying university in Istanbul means growing up in the heart of every sector. Of course, developing yourself in a social and cultural sense in this process is a point that should not be missing in career planning.

You can see the social-cultural support provided by Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories to their students here.


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