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They are places that are "home" to sick, disabled and old animals waiting to be adopted. The places to stay for our little friends are a kind of benevolence homes where they heal, warm up and feed. Good thing they exist, they must exist.

Although we do not nationally admit that animals live with us, or that we even set up our own living spaces, there are still people who consider them. Both municipalities and some private organizations try to protect them. If they are not enough, it is up to volunteers and donors here. The search for an answer to the question "What can we do" starts right here.

So what can we do?

1) Let's feed an animal while walking on the road with 1 TL love food sold in markets.


We can buy a meal with a small amount of money for our animal friend who can come across us at any time from the market we stop by to buy water while walking on the road.

2) Let's put a bowl of water at the door on hot summer days.


This is actually the simplest thing we can do. Since we dry the springs from which they drink water one by one and pollute the formerly clean rain water in line with our "desires", we owe a single clean bowl of water to them.


3) Let's donate the needs that municipalities cannot meet to shelters.


We also need to share some things. In places where warm homes are provided, it may be one of the things to do at least to bear the cost of food.


4) Let's support the surgery expenses shared on social media.


Almost every day, if we're an active social media user, one of the posts we encounter is that an animal is injured and a volunteer takes it to the vet. But the problem is always the same, that the benefactor cannot cover all the costs and is waiting for outside help. If we can help a friend without saying 3-5 to the approved IBAN number, we can alleviate the pain of a friend and share a smile on his face.


5) Don't buy it, let's own it!


If there is a suitable environment in our house or garden, we can adopt our little friends from shelters. If we trust ourselves, if we believe we can take care of it, let's embrace it. Actually, the situation is very simple, let's see the animal we adopt as one of our family :)

6) Let's visit the shelters.


Even if we do nothing, we can take an hour to strok the heads of the animals in the shelters and chat with them. Perhaps our most important help will be to make them feel that they are not alone.



As Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories, we try to make them feel that they are not alone as much as we can.

Although we cannot host them in our dormitories ... (there are those who have allergies, who cannot overcome their fear, I am not talking about those who are disgusted, they are not included in our subject.)


As dormitories according to the possibility; We do our best to control a bowl of water, food and cats to give birth.

In fact, let's talk about a brief moment of ours.

"They brought so many pregnant and injured cats to our Beşiktaş Male Branch that they came here to ask whether it was a veterinary clinic without seeing the sign."

We say that; we are trying to do our best.

In the coming days, we will go to Yedikule Animal Shelter as Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories.


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