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 Corona Days

Corona Days

As we completed the first month of being at home, I think we started to not recognize the face we saw in the mirror. How will we protect our souls that are mixed with the crowd of Istanbul while protecting from coronavirus in our homes? Every day, waking up to yesterday, "How long will this continue? How are we going to focus on other things while questions like "When will I see my loved ones, I will walk around the streets"? There are many questions and you are right without an answer. Believe me, everyone thinks the same and he stays at home because they love them.

Everything started very well at first. Going to bed late at night, waking up in the afternoon, being anxious when your mouth is empty, satisfying themselves with junk food, sparing time for themselves… We spent our time with movements that would fill the spiritual void for a total of two days. So what do we do now? Popular TV series on Netflix are over, we ate the chips and gained our weight. How we envy the influencers on this Instagram to be so happy, now we have to do. Yes, believe me, even those who stay in a student dormitory in Istanbul like us and return to their family home still have something to make themselves happy.


1) Get ourselves out of bed and start yoga with Elvin Levinler!

Frankly, there was a woman who refused to walk an extra street and made me love yoga. There is nothing negative, except that the beauty of her physique is annoying. He explains everything from scratch with his sweet tone. We are moving a little bit. Well, there is no one who follows us and says do this or that or that. Frankly, I liked this online sports event. I can fool myself very well. It happens that I even lie on the ground in the plank position. Who will see it after all!

2) Learn about Amigur with Udemy!

The program for learning Amigurimi, which lasts 25 hours and 6 hours in total, is very affordable, but if you do not like it, Udemy returns your money within a month. You can create beautiful products with thread, crochet and fiber and even sell them online. He is in a very different love for those who do, they say.


3) Edit childhood photos / videos.

It will be good for us to remember those beautiful moments we cried when we just fell hungry, with zero boredom and thought. Not to mention, one more household on the to-do list. Eyes will fill a little while watching videotapes, a humble little warning.


4) Draw a picture on the wall in one part of the house.

I seem to hear reproaches such as "I don't want to ruin the wall, I have no talent". In fact, we can achieve an incredible image even by working with uncomplicated patterns on paper and drawing the same pattern in different sizes. At the end of this job, you have to take a deep breath and say "I did it" while looking at that wall.

I don't think we deserve to give up so easily.


5) Go into the kitchen and make your own lahmacun.

Our best friend in this period is cooking shows on YouTube channels. If there is something better than lahmacha, it must be homemade lahmacha. The shape of the dough does not matter, it will be a great masterpiece that only you and your family will eat. We know that a lahmacun never deceives us, it never lets us down. Our hard time is our friend. 

Thank you very much, dear Mrs. Sabiha.


6) Never ever listen to emotional music !!!

In the spring semester of the universities, we should get away from anything that might make us think of spreading out on the grass with your friends. If we can't do this, we'll roll over and all what we plan to do will go to waste. Nowhere in the world are university students on the grass, not out and about with their loved ones. They are in their homes now to meet these days and protect their loved ones. Repeat these sentences against the mirror every day and take a deep breath. Also close that song "Everything is fine with you". Because for a long time we'll just say everything is beautiful with me.

Aside from all that has been written and drawn, we should not forget that it may not be time for everyone to do something. There is another month that some may want to spend alone. We don't have to improve ourselves, do anything. Trying to stay away from the stress of the situation we are in is difficult enough, we are already aware of this. So let's keep doing it as we feel happy, including looking long at the wall. Good days will come, of course.



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