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 Theater at Sabiha Hanım

Theater at Sabiha Hanım

Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories with 9 branches close to universities and hundreds of students in Istanbul; With each passing day, we are here with innovations to offer "more than just accommodation" to our students.

Why did we start with theater?

Students of Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories are open-minded young people, many of whom have just arrived in Istanbul. As an institution; We want our students to be more successful individuals to contribute to their personal development.

Because life and life are not as theoretical as we can only learn during college years. Feelings, experiences and different perspectives are required. At this point, art takes the stage as a great supporter of us. We want to support our students in this regard, to be at the best possible points in their future life, to be individuals who are beneficial to themselves and most importantly to the society.

Cinema, which is common today; The beginning of the branches that can be regarded as visual and auditory arts such as TV series, theater which is the inspiration; It is useful to say the following rather than stereotypes such as it is an intellectual accumulation and art.

Theater is the most real and pure of arts. Because the costumes in the theater are real. If there is a flying player, it is flying on ropes and the rope is real. Whatever we encounter in our normal, daily life (apart from the miracles we witness, if any); theater is a summary, critique and clear version of them. During the game we not only watch, but also get involved. The audience in that hall is also an actor. Because theater is in life.

You won't see more in the game than you do in life. But it is worth mentioning that; You may not think as the game and events make you think in everyday life.

When we think about these, theater is one of the most beautiful things we can give students.

Of course, there will not be more. For example, concert; Listening to music from Spotify and listening to that music live. Again a reality. We; Together with the students, we try to catch and live the facts.

You will see these realities as the list of events is announced.

I would like to briefly talk about the play named “Sweat” that we accompanied last week.

(Includes spoiler)

The play, in which approximately 50 students participated, was inspired by the events that happened in America.

Set in a town, the story is about the downsizing of a factory where employees are passed down from generation to generation, the response of the workers to this situation and the attitude of the unions.

In the play that tells us the system criticism in an apolitical way over labor; From time to time we got angry and sad. Without further details, I want to say the following.

We found a lot in common when we made today's evaluation after leaving the game. Our critical (constructive) conversations continued, albeit with some sadness.

But one of the things that make me the most happy is; After the play, our students had thoughtful speeches that started with "wow". I guess that was the magic of the theater, making you think.


See you at the next event and after. You can click on this link to follow the events.

Stay well.



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