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What Should Be Considered in Dormitory Selection?

What Should Be Considered in Dormitory Selection?

The university is undoubtedly one of the most curious, enjoyable and exciting parts of the student life. Nowadays, many students are burning with university dreams, getting ready, and many of them finally find the opportunity to achieve this dream. But besides the university studying in a different city, it also brings some requirements. The most important of these is of course accommodation. Throughout university life, students can meet their accommodation needs in different ways, but a private dormitory is especially attractive for families. So how to choose the right dormitory, let's examine it together.

Let's examine the factors that you need to pay attention to when choosing your dormitory, from general to specific: external factors, the general condition of the dormitory and the room interior.

There are some external factors to consider when choosing a dormitory. First of all, we can say that you need to choose the correct location of your dormitory.

Since your priority will be going to school, being as close to the school as possible will save time and also exempt you from travel fatigue. However, since your whole life will not consist of school, it is also important to be in a location close to urban transportation in order to provide transportation to other places. Being in the closest position to your school and transportation will really relax you.
Of course, when choosing the location, the only thing that needs to be considered is not the transportation, but also to be sure of the security of the region where the dormitory is located. Some areas can be dangerous, especially late at night. Therefore, it would be good to do research on security.
After talking about external factors, let's talk a little bit about what should be considered in the general characteristics of the country.

First of all, the dormitory you choose must have taken a measure for the security of the building. Otherwise, it will be possible for dangerous people to enter and exit the country.
Food and beverage is as important as housing, whether your dormitory offers you such an opportunity, if so, how it will affect the prices or if it will be paid as an extra fee, it will be good to learn about these fees.
Washing clothes is also a very important need. You need to learn how the dormitory offers you the opportunity to wash and dry your laundry.
You may need a quiet and comfortable working environment, especially during exam periods. Working with your friends in your room may not always be the method you prefer. Therefore, we recommend that you inquire whether the dormitory has a study room.
The cleanliness of the dormitory is also a very important issue. How often and to what extent cleaning may differ. You have to choose the one that suits you best.
Internet has become one of the most important needs today. This is why many dormitories have started to offer students Wi-Fi opportunities. Do not forget to find out if your dormitory offers this opportunity.
If your dormitory does not have toilets and bathrooms in the room and offers these areas for common use on each floor, we recommend that you check the adequacy and cleanliness of these areas.

Finally, let's examine what we will pay attention to about the room and room facilities that the dormitory will offer and what will be appropriate to demand.

First of all, we can say that you should pay attention to the number of people in your room. You should choose a room with this capacity as you look at the collective life. As the number of people in the room decreases, the price generally increases, and you have to make an appropriate decision in line with your budget and demands.
The conditions of the room, the width and the interior equipment are also the points you need to pay attention to. You don't want to be in a room that is too narrow for you to move around. It would also be good to have a refrigerator in your room, an adequate wardrobe and a desk of your own.
If you are not enrolling in the dormitory with a friend, we recommend that you discuss the roommate with the dormitory. After all, you will live together, it is essential to be compatible and respectful with each other.
That's all we have to say for now. Good luck in your university life!


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