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We will not forget

We will not forget


More shame


He left his home in the morning, unaware of everything, with sleepy eyes, went to his school and then to his students, while he was walking back home, looking back, he came to the door of the house he left in the morning, not knowing that the reason he walked would be the deadline. Someone from behind called out and it was their last minute in this world.

Why is that?

A psychopath's illness because of a killing illness.

A beautiful girl who will have many students in the future because of a psychopath's illness, now under the ground.


A few days before your birthday.


Happy birthday Ceren Özdemir

Happy birthday beautiful girl

We promise we will not forget you and will work as hard as we can.



We are in such a state that;

Are we so dark from pain or hate or shame or astonishment?


I think we are living in the darkest year of the 21st century.

430 women were killed.

430 women were not killed, 430 women were brutally murdered.

At least 1 woman was killed every day. "We are told in numbers."

We hear the names of those women every day. We say we will not forget, lawsuits are opened, lawsuits take years. Another woman, another woman, another woman before a lawsuit is concluded ...


We do not count women, children, men, animals, more, who have been abused. We do not "even" speak. The gravity of the situation is evident from the words we use.

Our heart hurts.


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