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 We are going to Yedikule Animal Shelter!

We are going to Yedikule Animal Shelter!

We are going to Yedikule Animal Shelter at 13:00 on Monday, November 18!

At 12:30, meet the event coordinators who will be waiting for you in front of the Sanctuary with a Sabiha Hanım t-shirt.

We should always remember and support our little friends, not just when we see them on the road. They need love and most of all, attention. According to our previous experiences, our little friends who are in the shelter love to be caressed and even fight for it. We show our sick, disabled and young friends, with whom we will experience many emotions, that we are with them even in 1 hour.

We, as the students of Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories, go collectively to bring a little light to the innocent eyes of our little friends.

If you ask me not to go empty-handed while you are going, the necessity lists;

Cat litter and food for cats with disabilities

Food and pasta for dogs

Cleaning materials

We wish you some days :)

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