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 Join the team!

Join the team!

Digital platforms are now indispensable for communication.

In this direction, we also established our "Workshop Team". Our goal is to follow the pulse of the digital world with Atölye; There is also to create content that users can watch and read with the heart rate.

In the first stage, ''Atölye'' started as a non-profit and social benefit platform, and expanded its service in line with the demands.

Especially for students; We create content to share on social media, especially Instagram and Youtube.

How Does?

We first ask ourselves the "how?" Question.

"How can we do better?"

After determining the subject we are trying to do better, our research studies begin with the question of "how do we do it better?"

We especially focus on issues that will have social benefits such as sustainability, recycling, savings and awareness.

Our case studies continue during the research process.

We can reach extensive evaluations with the principle that "it is necessary to evaluate the events according to the conditions in which they occur".


Better now!

After the necessary research is completed;

We are starting to search for resources, broadcast and raise awareness.

We finish our project after these stages are completed.


If you want to add something to yourself, create content and do more with us,

We are waiting for your application.


After saying "Join the event" we will send you an e-mail with the necessary steps.

Bu etkinliğin başvuruları sona erdi.

Let Us Call You

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