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Speaking Club with a Native Speaker

Speaking Club with a Native Speaker

Sabiha Hanım invites her students to speak "English" on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 28, at 19:00. Let's copy beforehand so you want to prepare :) Our topic for the second week is 'MOVIES / BOOKS'

Our activity that we started with the motto "A language is a person." It aims to keep our current language knowledge up to date and to speak faster and fluently by practicing. Of course, most importantly, it helps to reveal our self-esteem we already have when talking.
First of all, we would like to state that; This event is a great opportunity for those who say "I understand but cannot speak".

You are also invited to a warm conversation environment consisting of a few hours, which we will do with a "native speaker". Take your friend and come :)

To participate, it is enough to apply to our event on our website. You have to hurry to take advantage of the limited availability.

Place: Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories Beşiktaş Branch Terrace

Deadline for participation: Wednesday, November 27

Bye For Now

See You Soon;)

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