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 If Universities Are Open Late

If Universities Are Open Late

Dear Student Candidate / Parent,

Due to the unpredictable Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic in our country and in the world, we, as the Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories family, have taken all necessary hygiene measures to provide you with better service. In addition, we determined our enrollment policy by understanding the concerns of our candidates / parents about the late opening of universities.

Advantages of Registering to Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories until 30 August

-June Early Registration prices will be valid until August 30.

- Our students who enroll until this date will benefit from the most advantageous registration price.

They will not worry about where to stay.

-They will be in an advantageous position in the selection of rooms and beds.

- Our students will not be affected by the density of enrollment that may occur in our dormitories on the dates when universities are opened.


Our Commitment to Offer of Service will cover the course year determined by your University between October 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. In all calculations, the monthly service fee will be found by dividing the total contract price into 9 months.




-If the opening of your university is delayed;

As of October 2020, we will not charge 70% of the service fee for the months until the opening of the universities. By paying 30% of the monthly service fee, our students will preserve the above-mentioned advantages. If universities add make-up lessons to students in July, our students will be able to continue to receive service by paying 70% of the monthly service fee.


Example: Our student enrolled in August for 18.000 TL with the June Early Registration price. Later, the University announced that it will open on November 1, not October 1. Therefore, the student could not start accommodation and service.

We will not demand 70% of the monthly service fee of 2.000 TL (because we do not provide service) from this student, we will continue his contract and advantageous registration by collecting 30% (600 TL). Our student; If the university extends the academic year and continues in July, it will continue to receive service by paying 1,400 TL, which is 70% of the monthly service fee.

- Students who register in September and October will not be able to register for a price lower than the total fee you will pay, as they will not be able to benefit from June Early Registration prices even if our quota remains.


-If our student wishes to terminate his / her contract despite announcing that your university will be postponed and open on November 1;

We will only cancel the 1.200 TL, which is 30% of the months of October and November, by deducting it from the cap and paying 300 TL.

-Universities are opened, if they close after a few months and switch to distance education;

We will carry out the termination procedures in line with the decision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports to which we are affiliated, which we will be obliged to implement.

-Universities are opened but if the student wants to leave;

As stated in the Service Delivery Agreement, we will apply the termination of the contract by demanding only 30% of the total of the current month and the remaining service months.


-How are the registration procedures done before coming home?

As Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories; Before coming for face to face registration, we can tour our branch, which is interested in video support. In this way, our student gets the opportunity to easily choose his room and bed. After our student / parent completes the registration form we have sent, the pre-registration process is completed. After depositing the 1.500 TL deposit to the account of our related branch, the registration process is completed.

Hope to meet face to face without a mask on healthy and beautiful days ...

Sabiha Hanım Student Dormitories



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