Principles of Management and Vision

»  Safe and comfortable environment. Affordable     Prices, Easy and installment Payment.

»  Dormitories are not connected to foundations.

»  Graduate students, tertiary students and intern     student accommodation .

»  12 Months - 24 Hours continuous service.

»  Easy and secure access to the dorms at any time     of day.

»  Universities are very close. Center is     located in the positions. Reliable, genial and our     experienced staff offers.


     We are trying to give a service like their home’s comfortably and warmness with safety and peace to many students with our educated and debonair staff with the standards of Istanbul Sabiha Hanım Girls&Boys Student Dormitory’s sense of rule. The capacity of our dormitories are not so high, this aims to provide a positive and easy communication and creates a family environment which makes students to know each other better.
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